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Sherwood Homes Home Buyers Path

Step 1

  1. Sign agreement of purchase and sale
  2. Your purchase is now firm. Congratulations!
  3. You will be introduced to our Customer Experience team and they will guide you through the process

Step 2

  1. Your Design Consultant will contact you to arrange an appointment
  2. Review the options that the Design Consultant will send you and create your wish list

Step 3

  1. Building permit is applied for
  2. Construction begins with foundation

Step 4

  1. Build is in progress: Your Customer Experience Concierge will keep you up to date on the build

Step 5

  1. Before drywall is installed you will have a chance to walk through your framed house
  2. CSA approved safety shoes and hard hats are required to be worn
  3. All inspections will be done during business hours, Monday to Friday

Step 6

  1. Receive notification from your Customer Experience Concierge regarding your closing date
  2. Set up your utility accounts to begin on your closing date

Step 7

  1. Your Customer Experience Concierge will arrange a time for you to walk through your new home
  2. This is an opportunity to become familiar with the mechanical systems of your home
  3. Document any deficiencies in your home
  4. All walk throughs will be done during business hours, Monday to Friday

Step 8

  1. Closing day!
  2. Your Customer Experience Concierge will call you when your home has closed. At this point you can pick up your keys
  3. Remember to register your home with Tarion

Step 9

  1. Any areas of concern following closing should be directed to your New Home Warranty Care Coordinator
  2. Submit your Tarion forms within 30 days of your home closing. Please note that you will only be able to submit this form once